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Life -Changing Mind Reboot 6 weeks program

Rewire your brain and change your life in 6 weeks

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  • Are you struggling with trauma, anxiety, or a sense of unworthiness, preventing you from feeling confident and happy?

  • Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of anxiety, experiencing sleep issues?

  • Are fear and shame paralyzing you, making it difficult to make decisions about your future?

  • Do you constantly sabotage your own success and feel unworthy of good things in life?

It's time to break free from these self-defeating beliefs and achieve your goals. Mind Reboot offers a revolutionary approach to therapy, using powerful neuroscience-based tools to clear away unhelpful patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back for years. The best part? You don't have to talk about your past if you're not comfortable doing so.

This solution-focused therapy is all about positivity and fun. Trauma release can actually be an enjoyable experience! Laughter is a key component, and you'll be surprised how quickly you start feeling lighter and more carefree.

While we recommend weekly sessions for optimal results, we understand that life can be busy. We're flexible with scheduling, so you can make progress at your own pace. However, please note that commitment and effort are essential. We provide you with the best tools and techniques, but it's up to you to put in the work for lasting change.

When you release what's been holding you back, the possibilities are endless. You deserve to live the life you want. Don't wait any longer. It's time for a Mind Reboot.

In just six weeks, we will:

  • Clear obstacles hindering your goals

  • Cultivate positivity and happiness

  • Rewire your mindset

  • Boost your confidence

The program is designed to achieve life-changing results. Book your session today by contacting us via phone or email. The cost is £333 for the full six-week program, including one session per week (one hour). You'll also learn techniques to use between sessions and receive ongoing resources and support.

Take the first step towards a brighter future with Mind Reboot.



Sounds great, but before we proceed, let's consult and see if we click. It's £65.


Sounds great - Let's change my life in 6 weeks for £333


Sounds great, I am even ready to level up and commit to the Ultimate Freedom Program for £555 in 8 weeks. Let's book it!

After completing the program and overcoming the obstacles that held you back, you may be wondering what comes next. Whether your aspirations involve finding a meaningful relationship, starting a new business, starting a family, or pursuing any other goal, I am here to support you in the next steps of your journey. If you're unsure about the next move, we can work together using a solution-focused approach to discover it.

If your ambitions are business-related, I am also equipped to assist you in that realm. With my diverse experience in areas such as office administration, human resources, finance, event management, project management, sales, and customer relationship management, I can offer valuable insights.

Drawing from my combined expertise in therapy and business, I can help you not only excel in interviews but also conquer any fears or anxieties that may arise. Together, we will visualize your success and employ powerful techniques to help you remain calm and focused during those nerve-wracking moments. Let's transform your interviews into opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

Rather than focusing solely on deliverables and SMART goals, let's establish a framework that genuinely enables you to attract and live the fulfilling life you've always desired.

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