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Ultimate Freedom Program - The Goal-Getter
Transform your life in 8 weeks

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  • Are you tired of feeling dissatisfied, lacking inner peace, and longing for more in life?

  • Are you seeking a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm?

  • Have past traumas and limiting beliefs become barriers to your confidence and happiness?

  • Do you find yourself trapped in repetitive patterns, unable to break free and move forward?

  • Is the current state of your life falling short of your aspirations, leaving you feeling powerless and without hope?

  • Would you like to discover the path to self-forgiveness, self-love, and liberation from self-criticism?

  • Are you constantly striving for perfection, only to feel disappointed when you don't meet your own expectations?

  • Do you struggle with envisioning positive outcomes and frequently experience feelings of being unlovable or rejected?

  • Are you mistreating your body with harmful substances and battling with insecurities about your appearance?

  • Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home, leaving you unsure of how to love yourself or recognize your worth?

  • Are negative beliefs holding you captive, preventing you from experiencing positivity and joy?

  • Do you find it challenging to use positive language when describing yourself and your abilities?

  • Do you feel like you keep encountering the same types of people in your relationships? It's time to transform negative beliefs and become the person who deserves the very best.

If any of these resonate with you, The Ultimate Freedom Program offers the guidance and support you need to create the changes necessary for a life aligned with your true desires.

Let's transform my life in 8 weeks - See weekly schedule and prices.

Are you ready to make a lasting change in your life? Join our transformative program designed to help you release traumas, overcome negative patterns, and achieve ultimate freedom. In just 8 weeks, you can experience profound shifts and unlock your true potential. Here's what you can achieve:

  1. Say goodbye to traumas, anxiety patterns, and emotional triggers.

  2. Replace negative thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs with empowering ones.

  3. Let go of shame, fear, and blocks in your mind, body, and soul.

  4. Cultivate unwavering confidence and discover your true self-worth.

  5. Find happiness, joy, and inner peace in every aspect of your life.

  6. Rewire your brain for positivity and success.

  7. Enjoy a balanced body that supports your overall well-being.

  8. Explore your purpose and live your life to the fullest.

Our program combines therapy expertise with tailored techniques to create a powerful and solution-oriented journey. We don't dwell on traumas or limiting beliefs; instead, we focus on positive change and achieving your goals. Laughter and enjoyment are part of the process too!

To ensure your success, we ask for your commitment:

  • One hour per week for therapy sessions (except weeks 5 and 6, which are longer). In-person or online sessions are available for your convenience.

  • Listen to a 30-minute sleep tape nightly to enhance the effects of therapy.

  • Complete daily homework in a journal that symbolizes your commitment to change.

  • Optional: Practice a technique for 5-10 minutes per week to build resilience.

Rest assured, we're committed to your success as well:

  • Dedicated expertise and tailored techniques for each therapy session.

  • Availability to answer questions and provide support between sessions.

  • Empowering you to take control of your life and achieve lasting positive change.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace change and start living the life you deserve. Please note that this program is suitable for individuals aged 18 years and above.

Program Overview:

  • Week 0: Program introduction and consultation (45 minutes)

  • Week 1: Gentle release of relevant trauma from the subconscious mind (1 hour)

  • Week 2: Continued trauma release (1 hour)

  • Week 3: Focus on releasing negative emotions (1 hour)

  • Week 4: Release negative and self-harming beliefs (1 hour)

  • Week 5: Energy healing to release blocks and balance mind, body, and soul (1 hour 15 minutes)

  • Week 6: Explore transgenerational or past life patterns through regression (2 hours)

  • Week 7: Harness the power of your mind to reach your goals (1 hour)

  • Week 8: Boost your confidence and embrace your true self (1 hour)

Experience the transformative power of our approach. If you're truly committed to change, contact us today to book your spot and discuss any questions or concerns.

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Sounds great, I am all in - Let’s change my life in 8 weeks



Sounds great, let’s book a consultation to know more, then decide.



Sounds great, but I cannot commit to 8 weeks. And while I'm not keen on the mumbo-jumbo of weeks 5 and 6, I'm all for a full neuroscience-based Life Changing Mind Reboot program that can transform me in 6 weeks for just £333!

Congratulations on completing your program and overcoming any obstacles that may have been holding you back. Now, it's time to take the next steps towards achieving your goals.

Whether you're seeking a fulfilling relationship, starting a business, expanding your family, or pursuing any other aspiration, I'm here to offer my assistance throughout the process. If you're uncertain about what your next move should be, we can work together using a solution-focused approach to uncover the best path forward.

Furthermore, if your ambitions are business-related, I'm well-equipped to provide support in that realm as well. With my extensive experience in office administration, HR, finance, event management, project management, sales, and customer relationship management across both profit and non-profit sectors, I can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Given my background in both therapy and business, I can not only help you excel in interviews but also address any fears and anxieties associated with them. We will work together to visualize your success and employ powerful techniques to maintain a calm and focused mindset during those nerve-wracking moments. Let's transform your interviews into opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

Instead of focusing solely on deliverables and SMART goals, we will establish a comprehensive framework that truly aligns with your desires, allowing you to attract and live the life you've always dreamed of.

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