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Weight Loss Sessions Online

The connection between stress and weight loss is pivotal. Effectively managing stress and anxiety plays a crucial role in regulating weight.

Patient on Scale

When we embark on a weight loss journey, our bodies undergo a process where energy is derived from fat cells, causing them to shrink. However, stress disrupts this process. The mind and body enter a "fight or flight" mode, prioritizing survival over other functions, including weight loss. In this state, the body stores fat instead of utilizing it for energy.

Even rigorous exercise may not yield the desired weight loss results without addressing stress levels.

Furthermore, our subconscious mind can act as a defence mechanism, creating a protective shield in the form of excess fat to prevent potential hurt or trauma recurrence. This subconscious belief might manifest as thoughts like, "Being overweight makes me less approachable," among others.

You don't need to disclose traumatic memories to receive assistance in alleviating the associated emotional burden.

Explore therapies that aid in stress reduction on Newer Mind:

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  2. Biofield Approach: [Click here to learn more]

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