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Psychotherapy Session

Combined Therapy Approach

Solution Focused Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP & Mind Reboot & IEMT. Combining the most effective neuroscience tools to get you the best results...
Let's release what's holding you back and create the inner resilience you always craved for...
A safe, quick, practical, and research-proven neuroscience-based approach for managing and getting rid of anxietystressinsomniapainIBS, eating disorders, shame, OCD, fears & phobias the vicious cycle, etc.

therapy session

What are the benefits of Solution - Focused therapy?

Solution-Focused Therapy offers a future-oriented approach with a focus on achieving balance and confidence without delving into painful memories. Here are the key benefits:

  • Future-Driven: This therapy concentrates on your future aspirations rather than dwelling on past wounds. It's all about working towards the balance and confidence you've always desired.

  • Inspiring and Relaxing: Each session is designed to be both inspiring and relaxing. You'll leave feeling rejuvenated and motivated to pursue your goals.

  • Enhanced Problem-Solving: By inducing a relaxed state of mind, Solution-Focused Therapy helps your brain shift its focus from problems to solutions. This means you're better equipped to develop strategies for success.

  • Flexibility: Your mind becomes more flexible, allowing you to adapt to various challenges and opportunities that come your way.


What are the main benefits of Hypnotherapy?

  • Better sleep quality.

  • Happiness - More serotonin: the happy hormone in the brain. We will encourage you to adopt a more positive outlook that boosts serotonin production.

  • New habits and beliefs

  • Reprogramming old thought patterns and belief systems.


Do you doubt yourself saying:

“I am not enough/I am a failure/I don’t deserve good things/Why is the same happening to me again and again? /I will never find a better job/I will never find a partner/I will never find my passion/I can’t do this/ I am a terrible parent” etc…


Your mind will be open to suggestions so we can reprogram these sentences to:

“I am enough/I deserve good things/I am more than capable of finding a better job/I can do this/I am a fantastic parent/I am doing the best I can” etc...

What is NLP and Mind Reboot?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a transformative approach that safely and efficiently eliminates traumas and limiting beliefs without the need to relive traumatic memories. It recognizes trauma as a domino effect impacting behavior, choices, and relationships. By removing any "domino" within the pattern, the entire trauma collapses.

Mind Reboot, developed by NLP mentor James Banfield, offers a powerful system for clearing traumas, anxiety, emotional triggers, and limiting beliefs through subtractive therapy. The unique advantage is that clients need not disclose their traumas, making it a revolutionary and effective method for personal transformation.

What is the first step? How to book a consultation?


  • During the initial consultation, we start by discussing your specific goals for therapy. This is a crucial step to understand what you aim to achieve and the areas of your life or mind where you are facing challenges. We encourage open and honest communication to ensure that your therapy is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.


  • Here, our experienced therapists will provide insights into the areas of the mind that may contribute to the troubles you are facing. We will delve into the underlying factors that impact your well-being, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the issues you're dealing with. This understanding is essential for effective therapy.


  • You will learn about Newer Mind's unique Combined Therapy Approach, which harnesses the power of various Solution Focused therapy techniques. Our therapists will explain how these techniques work together synergistically to address your specific challenges and promote positive change in your life.


  • As part of your initial consultation, you will receive access to effective techniques that you can practice every day. I designed these techniques to help you maintain a calmer mind and continue your progress in therapy sessions. You will receive a valuable resource such as our sleep tape, which is specially crafted to regulate sleep patterns, reduce stress, and boost confidence, contributing to your overall well-being.

To learn more about how the Combined Therapy Approach can help you, visit our FAQ page.


What does an actual therapy session look like? What is hypnosis?

Our 1-hour therapy session is structured into three parts to maximize your progress. First, we discuss your goals and the steps to achieve them, using a solution-focused approach that respects your boundaries. We employ NLP, Mind Reboot, and IEMT techniques for fast, effective results, releasing past hindrances without delving into your history.


The final part involves guided daydreaming, akin to childhood bedtime stories. Customized for you, it cultivates mental rehearsal and hypnosis, fostering strength, calmness, and confidence. In this 'spaced out' state, your mind is open to suggestions, making it a powerful tool for problem-solving and solution-oriented thinking.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Does hypnosis and this combined therapy approach work online?

The media has portrayed an image of stage hypnotists creating a show and making people look vulnerable. Let’s leave the stage for illusionists and magicians. I don’t think that any of you is afraid of disappearing from a shop forever after bumping into a magician there. These tricks are made for the stage and for an audience, but hypnosis in a therapy setting is completely different.


The truth is that nobody can hypnotize you against your will. Hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind. Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to do – your mind will simply reject any inappropriate suggestions.

There is no difference between a face-to-face and an online session structure. The effect of the therapy is just the same. An online session might be more suitable if you feel anxious as there is no pressure of traveling or entering a therapist's office and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home.

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