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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Unlocking the Gut-Brain Harmony

The gastrointestinal tract, often referred to as our second brain, acts as a crucial barrier between our bodies and the external world. Within this intricate system resides a community of living organisms, encompassing bacteria, viruses, and fungi collectively known as the microbiome.

Stress and anxiety take a toll on the microbiome, impacting its delicate balance.

Trauma, on the other hand, can freeze the stomach, impeding its normal functionality.

Woman in Therapy

How can the Newer Mind's approach make a difference?

We tackle stress, alleviate anxiety, and address traumas to restore optimal stomach function.

By calming the mind and activating the parasympathetic brain (often referred to as the "chill-out brain"), responsible for the entire digestive system, we aim to create a harmonious environment.

A well-functioning parasympathetic brain equates to a well-functioning digestive system.

Our Approach

Our approach facilitates the production of serotonin, with 95% of this "happy hormone" originating in the gut. Adequate serotonin flow fosters a positive mood, making it easier to navigate life.

Transformative Results for the Driven Individual

Leaky gut equals less serotonin, leading to a low mood.

Proper serotonin flow results in a good mood and increased happiness.

Invest in Yourself: Your Future Awaits

Our commitment to addressing IBS is fueled by personal experience, having overcome it after a decade-long struggle. Formerly apprehensive about dining out or planning outings, I meticulously checked toilet maps and felt shame on numerous occasions. Even travel posed challenges, as I avoided eating for fear of inaccessible restrooms. Today, I've triumphed over IBS, relishing dining experiences, discarding toilet maps, and comfortably eating during travel.

I am here to guide you on a similar journey.

For more insights, delve into my Blog post on IBS: Hypnotherapy for IBS - How We Can Overcome Your Symptoms?

Book a virtual consultation to explore how we can collaborate in conquering IBS.

Effective Therapies for IBS - the Newer Mind Approach

Neuroscience Approach (click to learn more)

Biofield Approach (click to learn more)

With Newer Mind as your guide, witness the metamorphosis from fear to freedom, from hesitation to unwavering confidence.

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