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Newer Mind Method

Trance-formational Therapies

You will be introduced to my unique method where I combine most of my non-touching therapy skills: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, IEMT, Mindfulness, Energy Healing Techniques (Reiki, Dzsuna), Bioenergetic therapy

We address the root cause of your issues and release them; we replace them with love, acceptance, or whatever you need (confidence, happiness etc)

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Massage Therapies

I strongly believe that we need to release the blocks from your physical body as well.

I lost my first 10 kg after a Tibetian-Honey massage as anger and transgenerational traumas were released from my body energetically and physically. 

Provided massage techniques:

  1. Lymphatic Massage: We hold so many toxins in our lymphatic system, it is a great way to clear them

  2. Maderotherapy: Wooden tools are used to help with blood circulation, and cellulitis and to help 

  3. Samunprai Massage: It is using various herbs to restore and relax the body

  4. Tibetian-Russian Honey Massage: Helps detoxify the body with the help of good-quality raw honey

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Ceremonies are great ways to rediscover what is lying beneath and to find self-love happiness and acceptance

I currently provide 3 types of ceremonies. I suggest starting with the cacao ceremony if we haven’t worked together before.​

1. St Peruvian Cacao Ceremony Approximately 3 hours

Allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our intuition, knowing and inner guidance

Helps you to find out and release your inner blocks, releasing past toxic relationships and gives you more mental clarity

2. Temple of Body Awakening Ceremony (Tantric massage and energy healing ceremony) Approximately 4 hours 

It is a ceremony to help you release your blocks regarding intimacy and connecting to yourself. Our body holds onto traumatic experiences and this ceremony is a great way to help with the releasing process. 

3. Past Life Regression ceremony: Approximately 2 hours:

Past life regression is a therapeutic journey conducted under hypnosis, allowing individuals to delve into their soul's past experiences in different times and places. This unique exploration enables you to revisit those moments, often offering profound insights that can serve as answers to unresolved questions or issues in your current life.

In many cases, present-day challenges are rooted in events from past lives. Through past life regression, individuals gain valuable understanding and insight, ultimately finding solutions to address and resolve these challenges in their present lives.

Find a brief video of me preparing for a Cacao Ceremony Session and a client's testimony after a session.

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