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Prepare for a Positive Birth Experience with Hypnotherapy

Birthing Centre

Expecting parents can benefit greatly from hypnotherapy, a powerful tool that fosters a positive mindset for childbirth. By approaching birth with calmness, positivity, and a sense of control, individuals can naturally produce the right chemicals for labor, reducing the likelihood of interventions. Even if interventions are chosen, hypnotherapy ensures an informed decision-making process, guided by intellect rather than panic.

Anxiety, exhaustion, and fear can amplify the perception of pain during labor. Hypnotherapy not only helps alleviate these emotional states but also promotes better sleep, contributing to an overall improved birthing experience.

In our sessions, you'll gain valuable insights into:

  • Understanding the role of the brain in keeping anxiety low.

  • The impact of positivity on the chemical response.

  • The physiology and neurology of pain.

  • Self-hypnosis techniques for at-home practice.

  • Guidance on how your birth partner can offer support.

Each session includes practice hypnosis and two recordings to build confidence in using hypnotherapy during birth. The entire process is designed to be positive, relaxing, and empowering.

Benefits to Baby:

Research indicates that babies absorb the hormones released by the mother, influencing their blueprint for life. When mothers experience a calm birth, babies receive increased oxygenation and reduced stress hormones. Calmly born babies tend to stay calm, quiet, and alert, fostering early bonding during pregnancy and continuing after birth.

Benefits to Mum:

  • Improved sleep for higher energy levels during birth.

  • Letting go of old beliefs to embrace birth as a natural process.

  • Enhanced peace, calm, and relaxation throughout the birthing experience.

  • Spontaneous labor initiation, reducing the need for induction.

  • Potentially shorter, pain-free birthing stages under deep self-induced trance.

  • Stronger uterine contractions and optimal oxytocin levels.

  • Reduced need for drugs, minimizing risks for mother and baby.

  • Better post-natal recovery.

  • Strengthened bond with partner and baby during birth.

  • Potential reduction in the risk of pelvic floor damage.

  • Positive impact on breech births.

  • Lowered blood pressure, reducing the risk of pre-eclampsia and hypertension.

Ready to transform your birth experience? Book a consultation to discover how hypnobirthing can make a difference.

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