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Gabriella Davidovics: A Journey of Transformation and Triumph

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4 months ago, I had a mental breakdown, feeling that every aspect of my life was collapsing in front of me and I was not going anywhere. My business was not progressing despite working on it 12-14 hours a day for a couple of years, and I was not progressing as a person, just spiraling downward into the rabbit hole. I felt like a complete failure. All of these years on the hamster wheel, learning, and no results. My husband felt the same after a 2-year failed business, debt, and multiple bad decisions. The only thing that worked in our lives was our special bond and love towards each other.

That was the time when a dear friend of mine helped me to get in touch more with my spiritual side. And the journey started... I disappeared for 4 months and worked on every level of mine. It was the toughest time of my life as I experienced emotions like never before (and still do), high states and very dark low states. I relieved all my traumas: childhood traumas, rape, sexual traumas, relationships, good decisions, bad decisions... I didn't even know that I had so many feelings bottled up.

I withdrew from the World and only kept contact with close family, my therapist, and a few friends. No groups, no news, no social media, no advertising, only had a few clients. Here are a few things in bullet points (if you know me well, you know that I love bullet points) summarizing the past few months:

  • Deep inner child work

  • Went through heaven & hell multiple times

  • Released all emotions related to rape and sexual traumas

  • Relieved all my traumas and negative beliefs in order to say goodbye to their meaning

  • Re-thought all human relationships in my life

  • Cried my eyes out, shouted, felt like I was going to die, felt like I was going schizophrenic and lose my mind, experienced joy, happiness, and unconditional love

  • Got rid of Hashimoto's autoimmune disease - there is no more need to silence my throat chakra

  • Learned how to drive; there is no more fear

  • Became a ceremony facilitator, especially cacao ceremonies, to organize groups

  • Learned lymphatic massage and maderotherapy

  • Learned Temple of Body Awakening (Tantra) to remove traumas and blocks from the physical body and to help people in the future so they can experience freedom and joy

  • After releasing sexual traumas, experienced pleasure in sexuality like never before

  • Lost 20 kg with no exercise - all emotional weight

  • Happy with my look and appearance; there is no more need for the extra weight to protect me from getting hurt

  • Became a better person, a warm-hearted daughter, a more understanding wife, a more caring friend, and even a better-skilled therapist. I appreciate everybody and everything in my life like never before. I don't have a lot of friends and family members, but do I love them with all my heart.

Bonus results:

  • My energy levels are high, and I am stronger than ever

  • Found my inner strength and built a deep connection with myself; love and accept myself the way I am. I am amazing.

  • I forgive myself for the things I have done for the things I haven't done but wanted to, and for the opportunities I missed

  • Appreciate everything in my life. There is no more shame, no more victim mentality, just love and acceptance.

  • Learned to slow down and "zen"

  • Started painting and writing

  • Treating clients and having results like never before, mixing all my knowledge Created new techniques to get fantastic results. As I sorted out so many things in my life, I can help people to get the same positive results.

And this is just the beginning... Stay tuned for more I have so many plans and finally dare to live my life in the way I want it...What does not kill you really makes you stronger

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