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Restart, Refresh, Revitalize

The Newer Mind Method

(Therapies. Massages. Ceremonies)


Meet Gabriella Davidovics

Hi, I am Gabriella and I'm here to guide you on your transformational journey. My method, while simple in its approach, delves deep into complexity to uncover and release the blocks holding you back, allowing you to build a renewed version of yourself. I believe in addressing blocks not just in the mind but also within the physical and emotional body. Through personalized ceremonies, we can pinpoint exactly where your releases are needed, paving the way for your transformation.



With a background that spans from event management to becoming a therapist and healer, I've equipped myself with a diverse set of skills and qualifications. My expertise includes Reiki (master level), Silva Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and a range of specialized massage therapies like lymphatic massage and Tibetan-Russian Honey Massage. I've also trained as a ceremony facilitator, particularly in cacao ceremonies, and continuously expand my knowledge with new techniques. Whether through an initial consultation or exploring the FAQ section on my website, I'm here to support your journey to a better you.

Professional Accreditation

Modern Psychotherapy
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
NCH member
IEMT Practitioners
Reiki Healing Association

Living Pain and Trauma free...

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling light and free, with the weight of past trauma and anxiety lifted from your shoulders. Picture yourself rising from bed without the familiar ache in your back, neck, or hips. Instead, you feel a newfound sense of ease and flexibility, ready to embrace the day ahead.

Now, imagine self-love and accepting who you are, finding yourself. Releasing what's not needed and being happy. This transformation is within your reach with The Newer Mind Method, designed to release deep-seated blocks and alleviate the lingering effects of past trauma and anxiety.

Let us guide you on a journey to rediscover your true self and reclaim a life filled with clarity, energy, and focus. Say goodbye to the burdens of the past and hello to a brighter, more vibrant future. Together, we'll create a version of you that you love and accept, radiating confidence and joy.

Happy Traveler



Newer Mind Method

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